We are an Atlanta, Georgia based company who has an admiration for the perfectly imperfect character of letterpress combined with a dedication to all the little niceties of correspondence.  We recognize that you can’t send out generic communication when the message is meaningful, so we aim for designs that combine classic and contemporary, elegant and effortless.

Join our campaign to bring the human touch back into a technological filled society one card/ invite at a time. 


I am loud. I am fiery. I am blunt. I love sports and bruises and war movies. I am the furthest thing from a girly-girl one can find but under all of that is a paper-loving, snobby etiquette driven, design freak through and through. I love nothing more than a nicely wrapped gift or a small card just to say hey.  Oh , and I definitely love romantic comedies although I will rarely admit it.

Ever since I can remember I loved the idea of owning a small boutique shop in a trendy neighborhood and since I love paper, the natural progression in my mind was to one day own an invitation and greeting card boutique. After getting laid off in 2009 the dream started becoming a reality.  I am in love with what I do about as much as you are in love with your significant other.  It is what wakes me up.  It runs through my veins and I can’t wait to work with you!

laura headshotLAURA:

I am a designerd from beginning to end.  I try to be open to the inspiration that’s found everywhere: in fashion, interiors, outdoors, history, friends, and family.  I design based on the theory that you cultivate and curate the personal and (hopefully) beautiful life that surrounds you. I love the romance of all things vintage and retro, and hope that aesthetic infuses all that I create.

It’s a dream come true to design with Dear So and So because of my obsessive level of affection for stationery.  As a kid, the most treasured designs and cards were never allowed to be marred by handwriting, and were left pristine in their boxes for admiring.  But with age comes wisdom- now I know there is nothing so personal as a design chosen because it expresses some aspect of your character and a note written in your own imperfect hand.  I design with that intention in mind, and hope that our cards give you lots of reasons to connect with the special people in your life.